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May 11th 2007 After a short break from the shop (I moved to Buffalo, NY and trying to keep up with everything was too much) I've decieded to re-open the shop. Mainly because my little cat MYV got a urinal tract block from Meow Mix (I've written them a letter, and sent them a copy of my vet bill but no response as of yet). I may add a few new things because I'm cleaning house soon and getting rid of tons of Sushi food makers. Welcome back yay!
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Shipping: Shipping is included in most item prices. I ship by domestic US only (see internationl buyers section for more information on international shipping). Items are shipped out of Buffalo, NY 14225. A domestic orders take at most 5 days to arrive. Items will be shipped out within two days of recieving payment.

Shipping Days:Because the weekends are a killer at work. I am only able to ship out From Monday-Thursday. If your order was recieved on Thursday your item will be shipped out on Monday.

Payment: Payment must be recieved within two days of committed purchase. If money is sent after that without notification the money will be returned (with a -2.5% service fee which I will not cover) I accept Paypal and my paypal address is good_lord_janis@yahoo.com. I also accept MONEY ORDERS please e-mail me for address and name.

Returns: I only except refunds in the case of damaged goods on my part. I am not responsible for damages that occur while the item is in possession of the postal service (wether it be Canadian, US, or any other country)

Holding: I only hold items for 2 days, if you wish to have that item held for longer you may request it at that time by e-mailing me or leaving a comment. I will only extend the hold by another two days and you can continue to do this for a total of ten days. When that total of ten days runs out I will re-list the item (see payment for false sent orders).

International Orders: I do take international orders from North America (Canada), Asia (Japan, China, S. Korea, Phillipines, Russia, Turkey and India), Europe (All countries except Estonia). All fee's for international orders (except Canada) are determined upon order request.

Canadian Orders No additional shipping cost to Canada(orders placed to Canada will be sent out of Fonthill, ONT, Canada)

Trades: I do trades, though I will not ship before. We must agree on a day and do shipping confirmation (its .60 to add it on to a parcel). Sorry for being so strict on it, but there are a lot of scammers out there.

Feedback:I ask that any people whom have placed orders with me leave feedback. But, I only accept feedback in my feedback section. If you attempt to write feedback in any other area I will delete it. Sorry to be so forceful about it, but I purge comments every so often and if the feedback is there I may delete it by accident.

If you have any other questions please e-mail me at ROCKIN_MYV@yahoo.com

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Please Leave your feedback, and other comments here!

mikazuki_chan Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/01/04
scyper Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/09/02 (TRACKING 03060320000283044816)
milk_bell Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/08/18
hasu Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/08/16
fujiappletan Payment Recicved. Order Shipped On 2006/07/12
jqsilver Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/07/12
blackdragonfly - Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on 2006/07/11
xxx_nolita_xxx - Payment Recieved. shipped on (2006/06/26)
Debbie S*****- Payment Recieved Order shipped on (2006/06/26)
insomniel - Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on (2006/06/20)
goku_the_saru - Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on (2006/06/12)
mechanicalsiren - Payment Recieved. Order Shipped on (2006/06/12)
erin- Recieved Payment. Order Shipped on (2006/06/12)
sadisticwarumono - Recieved Payment. Order Shipped On (2006/06/09)
orangelipstick - Recieved Payment. Order shipped on (2006/06/05)
vulgarkyo - Recieved Payment. Order shipped on (2006/06/05)
chupachup- Recieved Payment. Order shipped on (2006/06/05)
penni_ann - Recueved Payment, Item shipped on (2006/05/31)
afatal_illusion - Recieved Payment, Item shipped on (2006/05/31)
fly_little_wing - Recieved Payment, Item Shipped on (2006/05/30)
hi_tsukasa - Recieved Payment, Item Shipped on (2006/05/17)

-----------other transactions have occured-----------

I have more transactions but some were done before the founding of Niihon Onëgai. So they weren't posted. Also! Some names of the LJ's were not displayed because they personally asked me not to display them. If you wish to contact them and ask them anything don't hestite to request it.

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If you or someone you know is a victim of SPAM and/or LJ Selling Scams go to "Report Them Community" and report them so we can all be aware not to do business with them. Click the Banner To Go to Community.

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1. Miyavi Tab Books
2. Miyavi in USA or any other photo books
3. MUCC History DVD
4. Miyavi Freedom Fighters CD + DVD
5. Kino no Tabi Merchandise
6. Azumanga Daioh Cat Hat!
7. Ice Climbers Nana Keychain
8. Rentrer en Soi Performance DVD
9. Himitsu Kessha Codomo A Poster
10. MYV T-shirt
11. Rentrer en Soi Self Titled Album DVD edition
12.Osaka -Azu- Plushies
13. Yotsuba&! Merchandise
14. Yotsuba&! Japanese Text Manga 4 threw 7
15. Tommy February 6 - L.O.V.E.L.Y - Yume miru Lovely Boy [single]
16.Pikachu MALE LARGE Shirt.
17. Snorlax Merchandise.
19. Rainbow Sketch Stationary